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Our tactical team is comprised of professionals in the fields of law enforcement and emergency response personnel.

Our mission is to provide the film industry with the superior resources and knowledge to assist with technical information related to police and emergency services. Our team has extensive and current experience in these fields. We will pass on our knowledge to your production staff and accurately assist them with projects involving police and emergency response personnel.

Our tactical consultants will review scripts for writers and producers to help ensure accuracy in depicting scenarios involving police and emergency services personnel.

We specialize in providing hands-on training in classroom or on the field for individuals or groups of actors.

Here is a handful selection of list of film projects which our teams have helped take shape:

· Rookie blue

· Beauty and the beast

· Breakout

· Hannibal

· The listener

· Covert affairs

· Alphas

· Cold blood

· Urban legends

· On hostile ground


Weapons Training

If your production involves police related firearms or less than lethal devices, our tactical team is the resource you need. Our extensive background in the field of police weaponry will help your acting staff better understand the intricacies of firearms handling and use, as well as the deployment of less than lethal devices and munitions. Our tactical team will train actors on the proper handling of the props used for film projects and help increase the look of authenticity of the actors.

Actor / Extras Training

Whether you are a director or producer looking for a certain look from your acting staff or an individual actor trying to get the right feel for a role, our tactical team can help. We will pass on our experiences and train you to better understand characters of this nature. Our goal is to provide the necessary tools for the actors to better convey themselves in the required role.


We provide skilled personnel to handle or wrangle a K9 team on set, but also specific dogs for both police and search and rescue scenarios. We assist acting staff and production crews with on-set K9 resources and proper handling of police and SAR dogs in those scenarios.

Special Skills Extras

Whatever emergency service role your project requires, our SSE personnel can provide you with your project’s needs. Whether it is a SWAT team, patrol officer, canine officer with dog, paramedic, or rescue personnel, we are able to help. Our team does not just provide a background person, but a highly trained and experienced member that will bring the realistic look that you want.

The benefit of using our staff is that there is no need to rehearse with the equipment, practice how to move, or be briefed on how handle the weapons or related technical items. Our members are also able to switch from one role to another ie. SWAT officer to patrol officer or plain clothes Detective, within the same production.

We have thousands of hours of weapons training and real world operational experience. We have a number of certified instructors in all fields related to emergency services, from SWAT to paramedics and Rescue. This depth of experience will greatly impact on the production value of the scenes they are in, reduce filming time, and ultimately add to the authenticity of your project.


Executive Protection / High Risk Escort

If your project requires the integration of a close protection squad or High Risk escort, our professionally trained teams can provide experienced operators to consult on incorporation of those units into your project; this can include the use of an executive protection team for a star or an executive portrayed in a film or that of a Military or Police unit tasked with protecting a VIP in a hostile environment.

Search & Rescue

The area of Search and Rescue can involve many dynamics. Our team has the experience to address the many aspects of Search and Rescue Operations. This includes ground search operations for missing persons, evidence, disaster response scenarios such as man-made events or Natural catastrophes, and marine search operations.

Our team can address command post set up, field operations, and related additional resources deployed during a SAR deployment.


Uniformed Officers

The role of the uniformed police officer is found in numerous projects. Our tactical team is in a position to help portray this often critical but overlooked member of a cast. Whether it is a member of the extra staff or one of the leads, we can bring our knowledge and experience to the production to perfectly convey the role of the uniformed officer. We can address all aspects of uniform work from general patrol to some of the specialty units such as Marine officer, Crowd control unit, and motorcycle officer among the many other roles of uniformed officers. This includes operations of vehicles related to that position.


The involvement of forensic officers in film production has become very popular over the years. We will assist your production in the realistic portrayal of these officers and the role they play. From the initial officer on scene to proper scene containment and processing, our team will assist you with your project. In addition, we will be able to advice on the technology and techniques currently in use by law enforcement agencies to examine evidence collected at a scene.

Explosive Forced Entry

If you are striving to further enhance your project by adding the appearance of "Explosive Forced Entry", our highly skilled team members are current in all facets of the world of Tactical Operations including cutting edge techniques for using explosives to gain entry to any type of structure.

We can guide you on the design and set up of how and where SWAT teams would employ the use of explosives to gain entry on a location. We will also guide you on how a SWAT team would prepare and form themselves when this type of tactic would be used.

Bomb Squad

Should your project’s storyline involve the use of a police explosives technician (Bomb Squad officer) and the equipment, our team members have extensive training in this area and can provide all of the necessary input on the "look and feel" you will need to further enhance the appearance of your project.

Our expertise includes but is not limited to: The use of a bomb robot (RMI), the proper wearing of a bomb suit, use of an x-ray machine, proper search of an area for explosive devices, Set up and use of a disrupter, operation of a SEGWAY, hand dismantling of an explosive device, use of Hazmat suits, and S.C.B.A..